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mr cabdi cadow

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i want general checkup i want to travel and asked to have my healthy info in hand if i am coming back to indonesia.
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Dijawab Oleh  dr. Adhi Pasha Dwitama
Hi Mr. CC,The general check-up is one of the routine health checks to find out someone's health condition. If you want to travel to some countries, you have to follow the health regulation in those countries. For example, it needs to be free of certain diseases or have been vaccinated against certain diseases, so you can do a general check-up in your home country.But at this time, if you want to travel overseas, I think you need to postpone it. It is known that currently there is a global pandemic of Covid-19 in almost all countries, and Indonesia is one of the affected countries. Some countries are also doing lockdowns from foreign and local flights.If you still come to Indonesia, you will get a health alert card from the Indonesian Ministry of Health to monitor your health condition. If you get sick in between 14 days especially cough, fever and shortness of breath you have to come to health care facilities and get examined.Within a period of 14 days, it is also necessary to carry out independent quarantine at the residence and conduct social distancing to prevent outbreak transmission. Keep yourself clean by washing your hands more often with soap and running water, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose if you have not washed your hands. Wear a mask, especially if you cough. Regards,Adhi Pasha Dwitama, MD.
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